Only One Marketing Metric Matters

The reality is that there's only one metric that you should be concerned with: The one that actually matters to you right now.

Everyone is searching for the magical numbers to show a return on investment for marketing efforts.  An entire industry has been built on capturing and reporting marketing analytics.  

If you're a marketer or a business leader, you've probably spent hours staring at these numbers, trying to read them like tea leaves as you contemplate your next decision.

Of course it is true that what gets measured gets improved.  So logic would follow that you should track everything, right?  Let's improve it all! 

There are countless (very good) articles out there that will show the The 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares AboutHow to Make Metrics Your Mantra, and even the broader 50 Digital Marketing Metrics that are “must haves for every CMO, CDO, CIO and CFO.”   

The reality is that there's only one metric that you should be concerned with: The one that actually matters to you right now.

Are deals closed what you need most now?  Units sold? Revenues collected? Leads generated? Customer satisfaction. There's really only one thing that is your top goal now.

Yes, all of the other metrics may be important, but they aren't the one thing that matters now.  If you can focus on that one key metric, the others will all feed into it.  And most of them will improve as well.  And if your one key metric improves significantly and some other smaller ones don't, there's a good chance that you really don't need to spend resources on that metric anyway.

Once you've identified your key metric, post it everywhere.  Get everyone on your team on board.  In some way, everyone in every department contributes to achieving this goal.  Put it on the wall, track the progress, set activities to support that one goal.  

The others will fall into place.  And you can enjoy your cup of tea without worrying about what the leaves are going to say.